Install java on an Ubuntu Oneiric instance in EC2

Just ran into a small problem installing openjdk in an Ubuntu Oneiric instance on EC2. It took a while to diagnose so I’m posting this here so I remember next time I have to do it.

The problem is with the x11-common package needing a temp directory which is missing – so running the following command will give us a /tmp directory:

sudo mkdir /tmp

You should then be able to install x11-common and therefore openjdk without problems.

Long time, no post….

Hmmm, been missing a while from this blog… will start to post again soon as I have some interesting updates to share with you.


Please Support Them

A couple of friends of mine are cycling across America – 3500 miles in 30 Days! – to raise money for 3 Cancer charities – Please help them…

I feel that I have I winged a bit today. I don’t want to sound like a moaner, I am just trying to get a cross that this really is a challenge in so many ways. In fact, the cycling is probably the easy bit. This has been far tougher than I had imagined.

I do realise that what I am going through is nothing compared to what someone fighting cancer goes through. And maybe that is just another reason why today has been emotional. Realising, why I am here and why I am doing this.