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We recently spent some time trying to decide on a new web host, we had been using Fasthosts recently for our .NET hosting, but now we needed a Linux based host who supported Django. After a long search we finally settled on WebFaction and I have to say it’s some of the best hosting we have ever used. These guy’s really know their stuff and so far every question I have had has been answered in the FAQ or in the Forums without having to log a support ticket, you also get SSH, SFTP, and one click installs for things like wordpress, Django, Rails, etc.

In short what I’m really trying to say is that “WebFaction Rock!” and if you are in the market for hosting you should try these guys out.

And yes this blog is hosted on WebFaction and paid for by Frozenskys Software


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  1. Fasthosts Problems Says:
    April 26th, 2010 at 11:02

    Fasthosts policies are completely stupid. Whoever created things was had no idea wtf they were doing. In fact, they fail to notify domain tech contacts when a domain expires. Test them in advance of purchasing their domain service. Email escalations@fasthosts.co.uk and see if your email is addressed or alternatively if you get an example of how hard someone is to reach! Fasthosts puts many roadblocks such that account management is virtually inaccessible. In my opinion any choice besides Fasthosts is a good one. Stay away as fast as you can.

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