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I know it’s a little late but I thought I would post a picture of the goodies that Carsonified gave away to attendees at the FOWA Expo 2008 in London. The care and attention that this company puts into their swag bag puts most others to shame, and as this is carried into the rest of their work they put on some of the best events ever. As you can see from the photo, a journal, a bag of truly wonderful retro sweets, and a hand written card (I feel sorry for the gang that had to write all those hundreds of messages!) were all contained in a beautiful hemp bag with very subtle Carsonified branding. 


The FOWA London 2008 Goodies

The FOWA London 2008 Goodies

The only thing that I think could improve this bag was if instead of all the paper handouts at the event they did something similar to the Gnome event (GUADEC) and put all the promotional material from sponsors onto a USB thumb drive, thus sparing the environment a little more, and giving the attendees another little something more to show off when they got back home.

The best thing about the whole of FOWA for me was the fact that from the moment we received our bags, and proceeded into the expo, we were made to feel part of a community rather than the feeling of having “paid to be pitched to” that I get from many events here in the UK.

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