Microformats, X2V, and testing…

I’ve been playing around with Brian Suda’s X2V transforms from the microformats.org site, and as I needed to get my hand back in with .NET and Visual Studio 2008 I have created a couple of aspx pages and a webservice to provide X2V services. These pages will allow you to pass a url as a parameter

i.e http://frozenskys.co.uk/hcard2vcard.aspx?url=http://microformats.org/wiki/hcard

and if the page contains a valid hCard or hCalendar get back the corresponding vCard or iCal. Once I have tidied up the code and added one or two more formats, I’ll post a zip of it here for peeps to play with.

I now need some help testing them so if anybody would like to have a play they can be found here:



and the web service can be found here:


Let me know if anything breaks :-)

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