Future of Web Design

Yet again I find myself sitting waiting for Ryan to open FOWD London. This has to be one of the best web design conferences in the country, and I would highly recommend it – even if you are mainly a developer like myself.
I hope to be posting some video and other updates here during the day, as long as the battery on my phone holds out for the video/photos that is :)

Update: Well FOWD is now officially started and we are being treated to an interesting talk on Agile Creative Design. Being a developer who strongly believes in Agile/XP/2080 I can see that this might work for a lot of designers… find his blog here http://dannysomekh.wordpress.com/

Now we have Jim Coudal talking about playing photoshop tennis on fridays – Coudal Partners sounds like a fun place to work. Now he’s talking about playing games in the bathroom at work, trust me it does have bearing on design.

“The creative process is the act of bridging the known and the unknown, the constant and the variable”

Web designers have a short attention span – that’s you @lollylu

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