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Meagan Fisher @FOWD – Designing Effective Mobile Interfaces

The number of mobile web users is increasing at around 20% per month.

“The mobile web is a hot topic”

Mobile web design seems really scary – I can relate to that.

Meagan is highly recommending Cameron Moll’s mobile web design book.

There are three levels of mobile support

  • “naked” – “ad some style” – “deck it out”

Recommend “deck it out”  – although it has downsides of adding another site to maintain, and has the most initial design work.


Start simple and iterate to better design

Step 1 : Write clean accessible HTML – designing with web standards – Jeffery Zeldman

Step 2 : Mobilize your layout – One column, no large images

Step 3 : Stay Branded – Header graphic, colours, typography

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