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The business end of web design
Buster Rhymes is the answer!

1. Design is a commodity – profit margins are being squeezed, more competition – 99 Designs 32,000 designers 1.6M Designs, $4.6M awarded – that’s a couple of dollars per design!

2. Websites. Are. Dead. – expectations are so much greater, websites are just the beginning! Learn how to code? – Wrong! (unless you have a passion for coding)

“Are you worth it?” – Strategy – you join the dots, Experts – know things you don’t. but how do you explain it


  • Talk Business – Talk to the client, and try to understand their business. It’s not about the website it’s about the business.
  • Understand why they want to go online – Continue the conversation.
  • Talk Strategy – Connect the dots between their business and the web, make the uunderstand the importance of the web
  • Set Business Targets – 3 to 5 business goals.
  • Talk Action – Explain timeline, tools, what comes next, etc.

Why bother with busta?

  • More effective websites.
  • Less conflicts.
  • Repeat Business
  • Higher Profits

Remeber you’re awesome! :D

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