Designing for All in a Web2.0 World – Robin Christopherson (#FOWD)

Designing for All in a Web2.0 World – Robin Christopherson (#FOWD) – Ability.Net

Demo of Jaws (showing the bbc website)

346 Links on page – that’s a bit excessive!

It’s easy to get around if the content is set up correctly. e.g. press h to skip through headings.

BBC tv page has good support for accessibility 

  • logical reading order
  • nice and linear
  • then apply styles

Big fan of mobile versions – guess m.normal-url.

New scientist has 134 Links and 76 Headings – will take a long time to get around this page!

Mobile version is much better – 37 Links and 23 Headings – this much better for accessibility

 Google maps has hidden option to produce much better output for accessibility ?output=html

Firefox supports aria – however google mail has lots of empty content and flash frames at the top of the page – we need better signposting to basic html pages – this is much better for accessibility – even if you are using JS.

– Example of google chat – doesn’t work (even with aria) – using a screen reader.

YouTube video – demo of bad CAPTCHA on You Tube.

Example of Google Account CAPTCHA – offer three lines of attack.

Image, very bad audio (distorted), screen reader help – will take you to option to have google setup account for you.

Disney makes it hard for people to use screen magnification – too much dynamic content and movement.

Some site use very small click targets or bad flash navigation – sign community is one example of good flash navigation – but also supports text only version.

Voice recognition does not work with flash, silverlight, etc.

Q & A

sifr is not good for screen readers as the amount of flash will kill the screen reader if there are more than a couple of sifr fields

can turn off flash, but this may be needed for other sites, so will be a pain to toggle on and off.

Lots of groups will benefit from accessible websites not just blind or partially sited


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