Throwing Client Collaboration Out the Window – Sabrina Dent (#FOWD)

Throwing Client Collaboration Out the Window: The Stalinist Web Design Model – Sabrina Dent

Before the revolution business 101 says: client collaboration, in partnership.

This was dreamed up by a marketing department after a three martini lunch.

  • Your waitress: What can i get your folks today?
  • Your Mother: You’ll eat what you get and like it!

Viva la revolution!

  1. Eliminate choices – You know best.
  2. Like Yoda Be – There is no try, only do.
  3. Just Say No! – This has a natural filtering effect.  Tip always make the logo smaller to start with!
  4. Avoid the “clients of suck” – refer them on as quickly as possible


  1. You need lots of miles on your clock
  2. You must be tall enough to ride this ride
  3. You better not suck!

The result:

       Everyone is better off!

Q & A

        How does that approach work with communities online? – You already have data on what you need!


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