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StoutLabs MooTools Slider

Daniel over at StoutLabs has produced a really nice MooTools based image slider, with code that is really easy to understand even for a MooTools beginner like me. We needed to use something similar for a new project at FrozenSkys, which required a few tweaks (like adding fading) to the slider class, and Daniel has […]


PuTTY in my Hands.

Just when I am ready to dump my Nokia N95 along comes a killer app that I can’t live without and suddenly makes the Nokia indispensable (at least until I get an iPhone) – PuTTY for Symbian S60! You can get it here if you want it. Hint – if you don’t know what PuTTY […]


Fully Carsonified

I know it’s a little late but I thought I would post a picture of the goodies that Carsonified gave away to attendees at the FOWA Expo 2008 in London. The care and attentionĀ that this company puts into their swag bag puts most others to shame, and as this is carried into the rest of […]

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