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Nginx & Django on Webfaction (Part 1a) – Installing

This is aimed at Installing and configuring Django running as a FCGI Process behind Nginx on WebFaction shared hosting. Later on in this series I will be showing how to create fancy ajax upload progress indicators with most of the work done by Nginx, and also how to hand off the work of large downloads back to Nginx.

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WebFaction Easy-Install useage.

I’m posting this here so that I can remember it :) If you need a Python library to be available to *all* of your Python apps, then install it in the $HOME/lib/python2.5 directory. A shorter version of the command is: Code: 1 easy_install-2.5 -s $HOME/bin -d $HOME/lib/python2.5 the_module_name If you need a Python library to […]

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