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Nginx & Django on Webfaction – Part 3

Now that we have a stable and resilient environment (See Part 1a, Part 1b, and Part 2) I’m going to show you how we can hand off some of the work of file uploads to nginx and even get a nice upload progress bar into the bargain :) Take a deep breath as this is […]

Nginx & Django on Webfaction – Part 2

Hopefully after finishing Part 1a and Part 1b you have a working Nginx + Django install on Webfaction. In this installment I’m going to show you how to keep your site running through app failures and server reboots.

Webfaction Memory Usage Script.

This is a nice little script that I found on the Webfaction forums. It will let you know how much memory you are using so that you can avoid going over your limit. The advantage of this script is that it will discount the per-user Apache threads from the main Webfaction Apache instance, which are […]