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Typography IS the Web – Mark Boulton (#FOWD)

Typography’s not on the web, it IS the web – Mark Boulton @ #FOWD Hello! Today I’m going to talk about a passion of mine – Typography! What does typography mean to you? What do you mean I can only use seven fonts? Breaks down into four things on the web. Type as language – […]

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Beyond Pixel Pushing

GoodBarry @ #fowd The business end of web design Buster Rhymes is the answer! 1. Design is a commodity – profit margins are being squeezed, more competition – 99 Designs 32,000 designers 1.6M Designs, $4.6M awarded – that’s a couple of dollars per design! 2. Websites. Are. Dead. – expectations are so much greater, websites […]

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Simplebits at #FOWD

Meagan Fisher @FOWD – Designing Effective Mobile Interfaces The number of mobile web users is increasing at around 20% per month. “The mobile web is a hot topic” Mobile web design seems really scary – I can relate to that. Meagan is highly recommending Cameron┬áMoll’s mobile web design book. There are three levels of mobile […]

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