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Django on Snow Leopard

Having just been given an new MacBook Pro as an early birthday present, it didn’t take me long to try and install Django on it. Rather than use the MacPorts solution I decided to use the native python 2.6 and build the rest, apart from MySQL (use the Mac OS X 10.5 (x86_64) package from […]

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WebFaction Easy-Install useage.

I’m posting this here so that I can remember it :) If you need a Python library to be available to *all* of your Python apps, then install it in the $HOME/lib/python2.5 directory. A shorter version of the command is: Code: 1 easy_install-2.5 -s $HOME/bin -d $HOME/lib/python2.5 the_module_name If you need a Python library to […]

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