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Participatory Evolution – Folkert Gorter (#FOWD)

Participatory Evolution: Excerpts from a decade of Interaction Design on the Web – Folkert Gorter A presentation in one (scrolling) web page. Interaction Design Design inspires technology -> Technology inspires design -> Dutch word – Vormgiver -> Formgiver -> Assembling individual component Concept by design. Lots of information about previous designs  by superfamous. (see a jouney through merging […]


Throwing Client Collaboration Out the Window – Sabrina Dent (#FOWD)

Throwing Client Collaboration Out the Window: The Stalinist Web Design Model – Sabrina Dent Before the revolution business 101 says: client collaboration, in partnership. This was dreamed up by a marketing department after a three martini lunch. Your waitress: What can i get your folks today? Your Mother: You’ll eat what you get and like it! Viva la […]


Graphic Design: The Forgotten Web Standard – Mike Kus (#FOWD)

Graphic Design: The Forgotten Web Standard – Mike  Kus “The limitations to web design come not from the technologies or tolls we use but from our imaginations” Layout – Make your site easy to use, don’t over complicate things, think about UI design,  Design for experience – make it connect emotionally with users. “Great design is […]